Explore the REST API interfaces of your Hyperledger Fabric application & build a Node-RED Dashboard web application to exercise the underlying Blockchain.


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Now that you have succeeded in modeling your first business network and deployed it to the Hyperledger Fabric, let’s explore the REST API interfaces of a model and build a Node-RED Dashboard web application to exercise the underlying Blockchain. Node-RED is a visual programming tool that can quickly wire together applications. This live code demo will showcase a Hurricane Storm Network running on an IBM Blockchain Platform Hyperledger Fabric. This week’s session will hack the Composer Playground Explorer and construct a Node-RED Dashboard that calls the Hyperledger Composer REST APIs.

Resources for you

Node-RED Dashboard that exercises a Hyperledger Composer REST API

Basic Storm Network Model

Hyperledger Composer Application Demo using Node-RED presentation slides

Blockchain Developer Center

IBM Blockchain Platform Developer Sandbox

Hyperledger Composer

About The Presenter

John Walicki is a Watson IoT Developer Advocate and inspires developers to build solutions with the powerful Watson IoT capabilities, Watson Cognitive APIs and IBM Cloud. He helps developers create custom IoT and embedded Linux solutions for their industrial and educational use cases.


3 comments on"Build a Blockchain app with Node-RED and Hyperledger Composer REST APIs"

  1. Hi John,
    where can we get access to the basic-storm-network model ?
    Thx, Herve

  2. John Walicki February 20, 2018

    Hey Herve – There are a bunch of example BNA implementations here – https://github.com/hyperledger/composer-sample-networks/tree/v0.16.x/packages
    I thought you would be able to grab the storm-netwoork code there but I don’t see a link.

    • Hey John, I had looked up composer-sample-* before reaching out 😉
      Do you intend to commit basic-storm-network model there soon?

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