Brian Innes demonstrates how to set up your Raspberry Pi for your new TobyJnr bot.


In this video:

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to set up your Raspberry Pi to use with your TobyJnr bot. You’ll want to first follow the instructions in this previous Hands-on IoT video to set up your Pi without a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. TobyJnr uses Raspbian Stretch, the latest version of the Pi’s OS.

The step-by-step instructions for how to set up your Pi with Raspbian Stretch can be found in the TobyJnr wiki.

Brian downloads the Raspbian Stretch from the downloads site ( and then flashes it to a microSD card using etcher ( Then, he explains about adding an .ssh file to the microSD card in the boot partition before inserting it in the Pi. Lastly, he talks about configuring Raspbian to be able to connect to your wifi.

After first booting the Pi, Brian quickly steps you through some setup or configuration of your Pi. You’ll want to follow along in the step-by-step instructions on the wiki for the configurations you need to make.

After you have the Pi on the internet, you have to update the Pi software and install additional packages, including Node-RED packages, which are detailed in the step-by-step instructions on the wiki. Last step is to change the password for the Pi.

After setting up your Raspberry Pi, you’ll want to use Brian’s next Hands-on IoT video to wire together the hardware components.

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