The new IBM Voice Agent with Watson service links your telephone network with Waston as a self-service call center agent. In this video, Ronan Dalton, Adoption Leader for Watson and Cloud Platforms, takes you through the steps to integrate the experimental Voice Agent service with Twilio. Why not give it a go yourself and get started with the Voice Agent with Watson today?

In this video:

  • Ronan Dalton, Adoption Leader, IBM Watson and Cloud Platforms

In this video, follow along with Ronan as he takes you through the steps required to integrate a telephony system with a chatbot that’s been built with Watson conversation. Ronan is using Twilio as the telephony service and is integrating it with Watson Conversation using Voice Agent, an experimental service from IBM Cloud.

To get started, he logs into the IBM Cloud. On the IBM Cloud catalog, he clicks IBM Cloud Experimental Services at the bottom of the catalog page. He then searches for the Voice Agent and creates an instance of that service.

Once the service is created, he’s taken to the “Getting started” page, which lists the couple of steps that make up the procedure.

Step 1 starts with establishing a Twilio account. Since Ronan already has an account, he moves on to the next substep, adding a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk. He does this through a series of substeps, giving the SIP trunk a name and configuring it with an origination URI from IBM Cloud. Finally, he is asked to add his new SIP trunk to his Twilio telephone number.

Back at the “Getting started” instructions, Ronan is ready for Step 2: create and connect the voice agent to Twilio.

He names his voice agent and configures it with the telephone number from Step 1. The voice agent requires three Watson services:

  • Conversation
  • Speech-to-text
  • Text-to-speech

These may or may not have already been created. In this case, Ronan clicks on the Create for me button, and the services are created for him. At this point, his telephone number is connected to Watson and if he were to dial it, Watson would answer.

To conclude, Ronan illustrates the services and workspaces that have been created. The process has taken only a few minutes and he is ready to use Watson to enhance his call center operations.

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