PubNub’s Josh Marinacci demonstrates how to add the Watson Conversation service to a serverless chatbot using PubNub BLOCKS microservices.

In this video:

Join Josh Marinacci, Head of Developer Relations at PubNub, and his geology-themed chatbot, Mr. Rockbot, as he demonstrates how easy it is both to manage streaming data with PubNub and add the Watson-powered, machine-intelligent Conversation service to your streams with the PubNub BLOCKS technology.

BLOCKS is a set of customizable microservices that give developers a simple way to add code and deploy features for real-time apps. The serverless architecture gives developers a single-click way to add real-time functions to an app.

In this video, Josh will use a Conversation service BLOCK to build Mr. Rockbot. He also explains serverless chatbots (just think of them as functions and stop worrying about setting up the server; they are a content delivery network, or CDN, for computation). The benefit is that the serverless app or bot will find and use the data it needs at the nearest available server in the great network of servers.

Serverless apps and bots also tend to scale easily. Josh details the chatbot requirements:

  • They must have a real-time infrastructure
  • And possess some level of artificial or augmented intelligence
  • They should carry domain-specific knowledge

But, as Josh points out, he uses the word requirements – it’s what’s great about serverless. These are requirements, not the focus of your efforts. You don’t go build your own real-time infrastructure, you don’t supply the intelligence systems.

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