In coding application analytics, it’s important to remember that DevOps is focused on continuous delivery, continuous monitoring, and tracking.

Todd Watson interviews Charley Rich (Vice President, Product Management, Nastel).

Charley Rich introduces Nastel, saying that Nastel is an IBM Business Partner and is in PartnerWorld. He says Nastel does analytics for applications for large enterprises. Rich also mentions that they have a “new offspring company” called jKool, which is in Bluemix.

Charley Rich talks about his presentation at Interconnect, “Application Analytics for DevOps.” He says that DevOps is very often focused on continuous delivery. He says that in addition to continuous delivery there are three other things that are important:

  • continuous monitoring – gathering the facts about what’s going on.
  • tracking – tracking all the components of a transaction against a timeline and “stitching them together into a flow.”
  • analytics – understanding the business objectives being met by the transactions and measuring the performance against business goals.

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