Mark and Nick demonstrate IBM Blockchain and point out its many ease-of-use advantages.

In this video:

Mark begins the discussion by explaining how he and Nick will illustrate the ease-of-use features of the IBM Blockchain Platform. They do so by showing portions of two different videos, both of which are publicly available:

The first video illustrates the complexity of the procedure, requiring the better part of a half hour to complete the task. The second, in which Bluemix is used, demonstrates the power of the IBM Blockchain Platform. The Bluemix procedure requires answering only a few simple questions and takes less than two minutes to perform the same task. Click on the thumbnail below to view the “Getting Started” panel of the Bluemix procedure. Note the four basic steps in the left-hand navigation.

At the conclusion, Mark sums up the video’s message this way:

It just takes a few seconds to be able to do it. You can see how easy it is on the IBM Blockchain Platform to do some very complex tasks. All those tasks that were done by Nick on the previous video are done under the covers and it makes it very simple by filling out a few text boxes and drop-down menus.

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