JanusGraph is a new player in databases with a deep heritage. It builds on a fork of the previous leader in open source graph databases, Titan graph database. The JanusGraph code is capable of being plugged into a number of different database back-ends. It’s all then integrated with the database-agnostic Apache Tinkerpop graph framework. These videos explore graph database concepts, gremlin query language basics, and how to provision the service, use the data browser to construct gremlin queries, connect to JanusGraph over HTTPS using cURL, and connect to JanuGraph using the gremlin console.
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Why should I care about graph databases?

Graph database concepts

Get started with IBM Compose for JanusGraph in IBM Cloud

Build graph traversals using the Compose for JanusGraph data browser

Gremlin query language basics

Connect to your JanusGraph instance over HTTPS using cURL

Connect to your JanusGraph instance using the gremlin console

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