Josef Reisinger demonstrates how to connect a device to IBM Watson IoT Platform and write a simple hello-world IoT application that can read and display data.

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Watch Josef Reisinger walk you through how to connect an IoT device, like a Raspberry Pi, to the Watson IoT Platform, and use the MQTT library Mosquitto to send data to the Watson IoT Platform. Then, watch him build a simple “hello world” IoT app to read and display data. After watching the video, you’ll be able to easily apply these steps to build more complex IoT apps, such as the one in Josef’s developerWorks tutorial: “Bring IoT home: Connect your car to your home.”

3 comments on"Hello IoT! Connect a device to Watson IoT Platform and write an app to read and display data"

  1. sasi sekhar August 02, 2016

    Hey josef, I saw your video which was simply awesome but I need your help to connect my arduino shield to ibm blumix. I’m expecting fast response from you.Thanking you

    • Josef Reisinger August 11, 2016

      Said, yes, sure, finde I can be of help I am happy to do so. I am traveling these days, if you provide me some contact details to, I will contact you next week.
      Kind regards, Josef

  2. Trea Wethington July 19, 2018

    Awesome video Thanks for the tutorial!

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