Honoring this week’s release of Apache® CouchDB™ 2.0, the New Builders Podcast welcomes two leading CouchDB committers – Jan Lehnardt (@janl), VP of the Apache CouchDB Project, and Robert Newson (@rnewson), Sr. Database Engineer for IBM Cloudant. Jan and Robert, longtime members of the CouchDB Project Management Committee, have worked tirelessly to help deliver the new version of CouchDB, which brings new clustering capabilities, performance enhancements and more – much of it brought in from the BigCouch fork created by the Cloudant team.

During the interview, Jan and Robert talk through the events that originally brought each of them to the project (1:58), how CouchDB has made the journey from single node system to clustering for big data-scale (5:55), how the BigCouch and CouchDB code bases were merged despite many challenges (8:43), the biggest new opportunities developers have with CouchDB 2.0 (14:28), how the Offline First movement was born in the CouchDB project (18:30), what’s next for the project (26:00) and more.

To try out Apache CouchDB 2.0 for yourself, head over to http://couchdb.apache.org/

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