Learn how to rapidly set up a customized DevOps environment for app delivery in the cloud using toolchains in IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery then use the custom toolchain to deploy and modify a simple Watson app using the language translator service.

In this video:

Steven Weaver shows you how to build toolchains from scratch – he’ll explain how to rapidly set up a customized DevOps environment for app delivery in the cloud using toolchains in IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery. Steven uses a Watson app as the deployed application, so you’ll get to see how to use cognitive APIs as well. It’s all pretty straightforward:

  • Step one is to create the toolchain
  • Step two is to add tools to the chain
  • Step three is to configure the tools

Often, first-time DevOps projects start small, then when it’s time to roll out to enterprise-level production, it can be difficult to figure out how to scale larger. IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery can help you simplify DevOps transformations; toolchains provide an integrated set of tools to build, deploy, and manage your apps and let you create toolchains that include Bluemix services, open source, and third-party tools. The service includes a pipeline, web IDE, and DevOps Insights.

The Delivery Pipeline lets you automate builds, unit tests, and deployments. The stages in your pipeline can build automatically when changes are pushed to a linked repository, then deploy to one or more environments in Bluemix. In addition, you can incorporate builds and deployments into your toolchains to connect builds to other tools.

You can choose to use the integrated web-based IDE environment built on Eclipse Orion. Create, edit, run, debug, and complete source control tasks and quickly move from editing your code to deploying it into production.

DevOps Insights allows you to understand team dynamics as they develop and deliver code, how users interact with your app, and the data to help you manage the operations of your app. Collect and analyze the results from unit tests, functional tests, and code coverage tools to determine whether your code meets predefined policies at every step in your deployment process. If not, the deployment is stopped.

These resources should help you get started building your own toolchains.

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