Marc-Aurèle Brothier installs a flexible, safe, secure dev and CI space on a public cloud.

Exoscale Senior Software Engineer Marc-Aurèle Brothier will show you how to set up a development and continuous integration environment on a public cloud with Docker, Jenkins, Rancher, and OpenVPN. The resulting operations will allow you to access your environment securely from anywhere and also provide access to other people or let you connect it to your company internal network. Watch as he deploys an application from GitHub on Tomcat through a Jenkins build.

1 comment on"Creating a safe dev environment on a public Cloud with Docker, Jenkins, Rancher and OpenVPN"

  1. Although I have interest in using the cloud technology for my company, I still feel insecure about the data protection. We saw that not even Apple is safe from hackers when your data is stored on the internet.

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