This week, we’re previewing everything InterConnect has to offer to developers – keynotes, demos and even a welcome event Sunday night if you happen to be in town.

Jenny Grinblo, UX Lead, Harmony
Matt Brooke-Smith, Founder & CEO, Harmony

The team from Harmony kicks off the episode with a preview of the keynote address in which they’ll be featured, “Data Science: Unleash Intelligent Client Experiences” (Tuesday, March 21, 11:30am-12:15pm | Cloud Theater, Bayside A).

Matt Brooke-Smith and Jenny Grinblo introduce the Harmony platform and the way in which it democratizes mobile app development (8:42), how customers in industries as diverse as energy and mental health are using Harmony (14:02), and how managed instances of PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ within the IBM Watson Data Platform enable the Harmony team to spin up a data layer “in less time than it takes to boil a kettle” (18:13).

Steve Trevathan

Steven Trevathan, Make&Model
Gregor Martynus, Hoodie
Gregor Martynus, Hoodie

Next, two New Builders regulars, Gregor Martynus and Steven Trevathan, drop by to share the process that went into building “Voice of InterConnect,” a demo application that will be showcased in the DevZone during InterConnect (watch a video of the interview here).

Voice of InterConnect (details on GitHub) is a progressive web application that showcases the offline first development approach – in that it works without a network connection. Gregor and Steven walk through the various aspects of the app, including the offline-friendly back-end built on IBM Cloudant and Hoodie (26:16), speech-to-text and natural language services powered by IBM Watson (31:52), and a snazzy visualization reflecting the sentiment of user-generated responses (33:42).

Review Gregor and Steven’s Offline First presentation from InterConnect 2017.

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