Daniel O'Sullivan, UX Designer, Archetype SC

Daniel O’Sullivan, UX Designer, Archetype SC

Patrick Nord, Director of Big Data, Archetype SC

Patrick Nord, Director of Big Data, Archetype SC

Last month, Archetype SC‘s Patrick Nord (@PatrickNord), Director of Big Data, and Daniel O’Sullivan (@DesignOSullivan), UX Designer, took the stage at Datapalooza in Denver to present a keynote address, “Distillation: Lessons from Design (and Bourbon) for Data and Decision Making.” The presentation walked through the five-step UX Distillation methodology O’Sullivan developed, inspired by the process of distilling bourbon.

Although O’Sullivan built the UX Distilling process specifically for UX design, it can be applied to other functions as well, including data and analytics.

Episode 10 of the New Builders is a guided tour through this distillery, focusing on each of the five steps as they relate to both UX and analytics (10:04), how the lessons from a certain children’s game are present throughout the distilling process (17:06), how O’Sullivan used distillation to help a client consolidate down from 16 different items on a dashboard (22:01), and how O’Sullivan and Nord have seen distillation adapted for use by a restaurant website designer and a political adviser (25:07).

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