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Start here with Apache OpenWhisk

Daniel Krook and Angel Diaz discuss the OpenWhisk serverless platform and how you can start developing for it today.

In this video:

  • Daniel Krook, Senior Software Engineer, Serverless Architecture
  • Angel Diaz, IBM VP, Developer Technology and Advocacy

Daniel Krook, IBM Master Inventor and Senior Software Engineer for Serverless Architecture, discusses three major areas of the OpenWhisk technology with IBM VP of Developer Technology and Advocacy Angel Diaz:

  • open source and the platform
  • how to get started with it
  • how you can contribute to it

Daniel explains serverless technology and where OpenWhisk fits into the definition.

“Serverless architectures help you build cloud-native applications where you focus less on the infrastructure and more on the what the code actually does.”

Use cases for serverless can include such diverse software as conversational bots, a retail banking and mobile check deposit app, and smarter home software that sends diagnostic info to a repository to be analyzed.

Apache OpenWhisk – now in the Apache incubator – is a serverless, open source cloud platform that executes functions in response to events at any scale. With it, you can easily create actions, test, connect to other actions, or debug them.

Daniel identifies the three distinct audiences interested in the technology:

  • end user – someone who just wants to write serverless apps
  • core platform developer – those interested in adding first-class runtimes to the underlying architecture
  • OpenWhisk integrator – those who want to integrate with the project by creating packages

For more information, any of the three groups should go to for information and then to and sign up for an account and start experimenting with OpenWhisk.

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