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Curious what a day in the life of an IBM Blockchain developer is like? Hear from Dale Avery, Software Developer for IBM Blockchain, Anya Derbakova, Staff Software Engineer for IBM Blockchain, & Sheehan Anderson, Advisory Software Engineer for IBM Blockchain, on a typical day developing on blockchain. Watch the rest of the series to learn more about specific use cases, working on the Linux Foundation® Hyperledger®, and where they see blockchain going in the future.

What is blockchain?

Understand the technical underpinnings of blockchain and how transactions work on the business network. Guest appearance by the soon-to-be-famous Blockman.

Revolutionary Blockchain Applications: Energy Utility App

At a recent Consensus Hackathon, the winning team created a blockchain application connecting independent energy producers and consumers using Hyperledger Fabric™ & IBM Bluemix. Read more here.

Revolutionary Blockchain Applications: Supply Chain

Imagine a world where assets are monitored via IoT devices (ex. GPS, motion sensors, etc) on a blockchain network, enabling suppliers to not only track their assets, but also determine when damage occurred, who did the damage, temperature changes, etc. Read more on applications of blockchain to supply chains here.

What’s hot for developers on blockchain right now?

Find out what types of initiatives are important to developers on IBM Blockchain, and what they are doing to make it easy for you to get started building on blockchain.

What are the key benefits of blockchain?

Understand why blockchain is being developed in the open and how IBM is involved as a contributing member to Hyperledger®. Connect with the Hyperledger® community today to start building your own blockchain demo.

What makes Hyperledger® unique?

Anya Derbakova explains how Hyperledger® provides a permissioned network, cryptography implementation, and increased auditability for business transactions. Visit Github for Hyperledger® and join Slack to stay on top of the latest developments on blockchain.

How you can get started with IBM Blockchain

Now is the time to jump in and get started with blockchain. If you are interested in this technology, just give it a try by heading over to Blockchain on IBM Cloud and spinning up a free trial. Also visit GitHub to see tutorials on chaincode, how to build applications with a blockchain network, and much more.


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  1. Jamie Rogers April 16, 2017

    How do I get an invitation to the Hyperledger Project slack channel?

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