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The world’s largest developer expo and conference series with over 8,000 participants, developerWeek covers all new dev technologies in sessions and workshops that teach you introductory lessons or advanced tips and tricks on technologies like HTML5, Python, Javascript, robotics, data science, and machine learning.


Jean Carl Bisson demonstrates how to use the Watson Tone Analyzer service and Node-RED Bluemix application to track tweets mentioning IBM. In his blog, Jean Carl discusses analyzing tweets and texts with Tone Analyzer. The code is here on GitHub.

Jim Young has taken a crime application and modified it to display reported criminal activity in Las Vegas in this demo. Raj Singh explains how the crime application was built here.
Here are parameters and example queries of the data.


Chatbots and conversation trees with Mark Watson
Managing the evolution of a software product
developerWeek 2017 Hackathon winners


You’re a developer, not a database expert, and you shouldn’t have to become a database expert to write applications. That’s why DBaaS Compose, on display at developerWeek 2017, provides you with production-ready databases in minutes. Learn more about it and how it works with IBM Cloudhere.


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