At Dev@InterConnect, you can get hands-on with Watson, cloud, mobile, Bluemix, DevOps, and security programming.

Want to know where the action is for developers at the IBM InterConnect 2016 conference? Dev@Interconnect. Brian Bryson, Event Coordinator for IBM Developer Outreach, joins developerWorks’ Scott Laningham with a preview for what developers can expect in the developer-focused Dev@InterConnect experience in the conference expo.

  • Lightning Talks – 15 minute fast technical presentations from experienced engineers
  • Ask Me Anything – We provide an expert and a whiteboard. You provide the question, the expert provides the answers
  • Hello World – 20 minute hands on labs where you can get heads down and hands on with the code focusing on the core technologies of the digital innovation platform: Watson, Cloud, Mobile, Bluemix, DevOps, Security
  • Techtivities – It’s play time!
  • Connecting with other developers from around the world!

IBM InterConnect 2016
February 21-25, Las Vegas

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