Rama Akkiraju provides a synopsis of her session at Devoxx US 2017, explaining that cognitive services will help provide “people insight,” a major leap forward in machine interfaces that understand the human on the other side.

In this video:

  • Rama Akkiraju, Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, IBM Watson User Technologies

You can watch Rama’s keynote address at https://lnkd.in/ef8ABb5.

Rama Akkiraju, Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor with IBM Watson, talks about what’s in her Devoxx US session on the new era of cognitive computing. She describes the current AI landscape and talks a bit about where it’s going, demonstrates how pioneering developers are using the technology now, and delivers sample code resources that will help you understand the basics of cognitive computing.

Rama focuses this synopsis on the concept of “people insights”: A technique that takes analysis of data and insights and applies them to such topics as:

  • Cognitive services that can help the humans monitoring the system understand their customers better
  • Sevices that can help the bot understand people better
  • How to provide cognitive assistance in an interactive setting

She also discusses the difference between machine learning and programmed scenarios; the types of data that is useful in this scenario and how to curate it; and IoT data and its role in this scenario, specifically, how to deal with the real-time nature of incoming data and outgoing answers.

Rama sums up the experience best with this quote:

“AI isn’t doing the thinking for you, it’s doing the research so you can think better.”

Devoxx US 2017

Devoxx US 2017

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