Animesh Singh provides a synopsis of his session at the recent Devoxx US 2017 conference on how to be serverless and Swift in today’s environment.

In this video:

Can you be both serverless and Swift in today’s environment? Of course you can – you just have to do it correctly. STSM and Lead for IBM Cloud Platform Animesh Singh provides a synopsis of his session at the recent Devoxx US conference, starting with a discussion of the new cloud programming models for serverless and ending with a demonstration of a text-based adventure game as an example of how to build a server-sode Swift app.

Along the way, Animesh covers such topics as the IBM OpenWhisk project (now a part of Apache) that delivers a platform that enables cloud-native, event-driven applications. He provides an overview of the serverless OpenWhisk architecture and programming model and a guide on deploying an OpenWhisk app on Bluemix.

Other topics in the session include how to create a web service using the IBM Kitura web framework, how to integrate the Watson SDK for Swift into your application, and how to dockerize your Swift application and deploy it to Bluemix.

Devoxx US 2017

Devoxx US 2017

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