At Devoxx US 2017, Software Developer Sam Roberts clues you in on long-term support plans for Node.js.

In this video:

  • Sam Roberts, Software Developer, Node Runtimes at IBM

In this video, Sam Roberts, Software Developer at Node Runtimes at IBM, talks about the LTS Working Group (long-term support) and how they are handling the backporting process for Node.js.

Sam explains how the process works: The group takes whatever code, documentation changes, and features work that is being done in current version and lets those new things sit for a couple weeks to make sure there are no regressions. Then the backporting group adds that code to the latest LTS and that version becomes the recommended download for most users.

At Devoxx, Sam and another IBM Node.js expert, Michael Dawson, hosted a BOF session where they challenged the audience to ask us anything about the technology. About the long-term support plans, what is happening in the Node workgroups, what is really going to happen with Webworkers, the future of Promises in Node.js, or even if you’re wondering how to debug your production failures.

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