For the most part, you lead a full, rich, and active life. But you can’t help but think that things would be even better if you had chatbot development skills in your toolkit. This video shows you how to get started by creating a Royal Valet chatbot for his majesty Pharaoh Rameses II of ancient Egypt. You’ll learn the basics here and see how to test your chatbot as you develop it. Best of all, you’ll get a pointer to a complete, robust chatbot that illustrates several advanced techniques.

Want to get started with chatbots? This video shows you how to do just that in just a few minutes. Our scenario creates a chatbot that helps Rameses II host a feast, build a monument, or start a war. (Rameses II was fond of those sorts of things. Especially the monument-building part.) By the end of the video you’ll see the full power of the Watson Conversation service.

dW Mailbag Engineer and Developer Advocate Doug Tidwell answers your questions.

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