Spencer Krum analyzes a game replay file with the help of IBM Data Science Experience and Jupyter Notebooks.

In this live event:

  • Spencer Krum, IBM Software Developer and e-Sports Enthusiast

Spencer Krum shows you how he uses Jupyter Notebooks and IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) to analyze professional StarCraft II matches (which represent the ABSOLUTE BEST e-SPORTS SKILLS in the world).

Spencer will load the analytics data replay into an IBM DSX Notebook, process it with open source Python, and create code to graphically visualize complex fast-action player activity at distinct points in the game. To finish off the session, Spencer will then extract interesting insights about the winners and losers.

Spencer nibalizer Krum has been sysoping Linux since 2010. He works for IBM contributing upstream to OpenStack and Puppet. Spencer used to coordinate the local DevOps user group in Portland. Spencer helped found the puppet-community effort, which attempts to bring together a network of developers, modules, and infrastructure. Spencer is a published author and frequent speaker at technical conferences and he enjoys cheeseburgers and StarCraft II.

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