developerWorks TV’s Steven Perry demonstrates how to write extensions and run unit tests using the JUnit Jupiter API.

In this live event:

Steven Perry shows you how to run tests in Eclipse for JUnit versions 3 and 4 using the the new Vintage test engine. He will also demonstrate how to write a version 5 Extension so you can inject parameters into other tests.

This coding event is based on the developerWorks tutorial series Introducing JUnit 5 and provides information on two new modules in version 5 – Vintage and the Jupiter Extension Model. You will be able to use the Jupiter extensions for parameter injection, paramaterized tests, dynamic tests, and custom annotations.

J Steven Perry has been a professional software developer since 1991 using a variety of languages, but his favorite is Java. He is the author of Java Management Extensions (O’Reilly) and has written numerous articles and tutorials as a developerWorks contributor since 2009. Steve is Principal Consultant for Makoto Consulting Group, Inc. in Little Rock, AR, USA.

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