Developer Nick Gaski shows you how to bootstrap a production-grade blockchain network with IBM Blockchain Platform, explores the infrastructure and components in the Linux Foundation® Hyperledger® Fabric™ stack, and demonstrates a sample application that showcases potential use cases for the technology.

In this video:

Developer Nick Gaski demonstrates how to bootstrap a production-grade business network with IBM Blockchain Platform. He explores the infrastructure and components in the Linux Foundation® Hyperledger® Fabric™ stack and then demonstrates a sample application.

Nick finishes the presentation by showcasing potential use cases for the technology.

Nick uses the Enterprise Plan offering available on the IBM Blockchain Platform and among the features he demonstrates is how easy it is to configure governance policies and administer member-specific digital identities.

The blockchain platform is the only fully integrated enterprise-ready one designed to accelerate the development, governance, and operation of a multi-institution business network. With it, you can develop apps using such features as:

  • Tools that use business terms to generate chaincode and smart contracts
  • Sample general and industry-specific use cases
  • Online, local, and shared development environments
  • A high level of integration with popular development environments using open developer tools
  • Hyperledger Composer, a set of collaboration tools for building business networks

For network governance and operations, you’ll find:

  • Activation tools for new networks, members, smart contracts, and transaction channels
  • A multi-party workflow tool with member activities panel, integrated notifications, and secure signature collection for policy voting
  • Always-on, high availability with seamless software and network updates
  • Hardened security stack with no privileged access
  • Built-in blockchain monitoring for full network visibility

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Nick Gaski is a technical writer and developer who focuses his efforts on various code bases within the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger community, as well as with the IBM Blockchain Platform. Nick loves to create documentation and sample applications that help users and businesses grasp both the high-level concepts and the more granular intricacies that exist within this emerging technology. He is an active member of the open source community and regularly attends industry conferences and hackathons, educating on and evangelizing blockchain technology along the way.

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