Curtis Miles introduces you to the world of energy trading and show you a demo of how blockchain can help.

In this video:

Renewable energy projects are taking off around the world, and many fundamentally require a way to record a ledger of activities and transactions between the varied participants – e.g. residential customers wishing to sell excess generated renewable energy back to the grid, regulators seeking to monitor and maintain energy quality, and local utilities interested in aggregating customers into ‘virtual power plants’.

Based on a real project that is currently underway, this week’s session will feature an interactive demo designed to immerse participants in the world of energy trading with Blockchain, and introduce a future in which energy can power a dynamic marketplace for turning megawatts into megabucks (or virtually anything else!).

Resources for you

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A weekly, interactive webcast about using blockchain in the enterprise.”.

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4 comments on"From Mega-Watts to Mega-Bucks with Blockchain"

  1. Rafael CASSOLATO November 07, 2017

    Nice presentation!

  2. Dennis Tracz November 08, 2017

    I’m not able to find the link for the video. When I click on the graphic the video doesn’t start? Also the url given yesterday doesn’t work either? Please provide the link to what is really a terrific presentation!

  3. where can I find the demo to download, is there sample code for this demo that can be downloaded , links you to not the same. Please advise

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