Scott helps you sharpen your security credentials, uncover the Byzantine blockchain conspiracy, teaches you not to fear identity and access management, explores applying blockchain to the legal profession, examines the role of testing in the software development cycle, and shows how Watson can build a customizable video platform. Plus bonus resources: Chatbot scenarios and data analytics tools for security.

In this video:

A good foundation in cybersecurity knowledge …

… is a great start towards credentialing your skills.

Blockchain can defeat bad actors in your network …

… increasing your security abilities by the way you structure your system.

All about the security …

… and how to access the expertise so it makes sense.

Blockchain will make an impact …

… in any industry that needs to regulate trust relationships.

The role of testing in the software lifecycle …

… comes in many shapes and sizes.

Watch how IRIS.TV and Watson …

build a focusable, customizable video platform.

Bonus tools

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