Will the next-gen JavaScript bring developers misery or joy? Scott tries to decide with some help from JSON developer Douglas Crockford.

In this video:

Imagine a world without JavaScript. Will it be utopia or catastrophe?

JSON developer Douglas Crockford doesn’t comment on the delights or horrors of a post-JavaScript world, but the industry luminary believes a successor language will need to be less cluttered and more secure.

What would Crockford like to see in a linguistic successor? Fewer programming elements:

  • He prefers SPACES to TABS, the LET statement over VAR (but really prefers the CONST statement)
  • He likes the UNDEFINED bottom value instead of NULL (which he thinks has led to some bad design)
  • The next language should not have null pointers, but maybe keep NULLNESS

Crockford thinks the lingo could be turned into a purely functional language by getting rid of things like the delete operation, but that it should probably be replaced totally instead of rebuilt.

His two final thoughts:

  • Security should be built into the new language
  • It should be able to handle multiple cores – the sequential, one-operation-execution-after-another model is not the way the world works any longer

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