In this special developerWorks newsblast, we highlight some of the experts presenting at the upcoming Node Summit 2017.

In these videos:

Here are just a few of the Node.js experts who will be on hand at Node Summit 2017 (July 25-27, San Francisco) to wow you with their IoT magic.

Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson, Senior Software Developer and Node.js Community Lead at IBM, has two things on his mind during his journey to Node Summit:

  • how to keep native module maintainers from having to recompile for each Node.js release
  • how to make Node.js benchmarking and regression testing more robust to ensure quality releases

An active contributor to Node.js and a CTC/TSC member, Michael contributes to a broad range of community efforts including platform support, build infrastructure, N-API, benchmarking, long-term support, as well as tools to help the community achieve quality with speed. At the summit, Michael discusses his work with the community API working group developing the N-API to help solve the frequent recompile problem and insulate modules from changes in the v8 APIs. With an initial version of the API slated to be part of Node version 8 as an experimental feature, it is a good time to come learn about the shape and usage of the new API from those working to implement it.

Michael will also contribute to a panel discussion at the summit on how to take Node.js benchmarking to the next level. The rapid growth of the language calls out for more robust testing and the panel provides a starting point – where the Node testing landscape is now – so users can contribute to the future of benchmarking. You can read more about the future of Node.js here.

Michael talks more about the Node.js benchmarking effort in this video

Explore IBM Node.js Code Patterns

Nick O’Leary

Famous as a co-creator of Node-RED, IBM Developer Advocate Nick O’Leary focuses on IoT technology areas, having worked on projects ranging from smart meter energy monitoring and retrofitting sensors to industrial manufacturing lines with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. With a background in pervasive messaging, he is a contributor to the Eclipse Paho project and sits on the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee.

At the summit, Nick will explain how to wire the Internet of Things with Node-RED, starting with the fact that it is a lightweight, browser-based editor tool built atop Node.js that makes it easy to integrate streams of both physical and digital events – being able to handle streaming data is critical to managing dataflow with net devices. In his session, he’ll show you what it can do, provide case studies of existing products, and talk about where the tool is going next.

Nick talks about Node-RED and wiring together the IoT in this video [full text here]

Explore IBM Node.js Code Patterns

Sam Roberts

You can join IBM Canada Senior Software Developer Sam Roberts as he explains Node’s event loop from the inside out. Sam is a Node.js collaborator, mostly in the areas of child and cluster process handling, transport layer security, and documentation (rumor has it he started working on Node.js after doing C systems programming on undersea submersibles, through PKI and crypto SDK implementation, and then multi-language networking systems).

In his session at the summit, Sam asks the questions:

  • “Do you think Node is asynchronous because it uses a thread pool for network interactions?”
  • “Do you think there is a relationship between ‘event emitters, and the ‘event loop’?”

Then he will explain those misunderstandings and show you how the Node.js event loop – the key to Node’s scalability and performance – really works and describes some of the implications for Node developers.

In this video, Sam talks about long-term support efforts for Node.js [full text here]

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Simon Stone

IBM Lead Engineer for the IBM Global Blockchain Labs team Simon Stone is one of the maintainers for the Linux Foundation®’s open source blockchain tool set, Hyperledger Composer, and spends most of his time hacking on Node.js backend code. His expertise is in enterprise integration and CI pipelines.

In his session at the summit, Building Blockchain Apps for Node.js Developers with Hyperledger Composer, he introduces blockchain and demonstrates for JavaScript developers how to use Node.js, LoopBack, Yeoman, and Node-RED (through Hyperledger Composer) as foundations to rapidly develop blockchain solutions.

Simon Stone and Kathryn Harrison talk about accelerating blockchain development with Hyperledger Composer in this video [full text here]

Explore IBM Node.js Code Patterns

Also, Node and Watson

No, it’s not a comedy team; we’re talking about IoT and cognitive. On day one of the summit, IBM is sponsoring a workshop called “Node.js and IBM Watson: How Accenture Harnesses the Power of Cognitive AI.” In this session, Sheethal Kumar, Senior Lead Watson Architect at Accenture, and Mark Potts, Global ACIT and Watson Lead, show you how they build rapid prototypes with their clients using Node.js and the IBM Watson Developer Cloud. You’ll match client implementations with Watson services, take a peek at the Node frameworks in Watson projects, and stroll through existing use cases pairing the two technologies. This is your opportunity to learn how to twin these powerful technologies.

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