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Here are the show notes for Episode 2 “Sound Affects”.

Follow Up

We had some follow up items:

  • Marna talked about the new SDSF panels and their commands’ responses being cut off. Use ULOG to see the whole response. BTW – for commands in z/OSMF there is a box for the entire command response you can scroll through.
  • Martin took IBMer Dave Griffiths’ advice and experimented with a Markdown processor written in java. You can find the java jar (markdown4j) he used here.

As you can see we do actually pay attention to feedback and follow it up when we can. So keep sending it in.


Our “Mainframe” topic is about blocking the IBM Ported Tools product for ordering with z/OS V2.2. You don’t need IBM Ported Tools V1.3 product with z/OS V2.2 since the same functions are contained in the operating system now at either the same or higher level. For z/OS V2.2 contents look here, searching in the page for “OpenSSH” or “Apache”.


Our “Performance” topic is about Coupling Facility Link Latency, which sounds like a boring topic. It actually has its own share of thrills and spills. Martin has blogged on it several times:


Under “Topics” we discussed the Android app “Smart Maps Offline”. This handy tool can save you mobile data costs if you are directionally challenged. Maps are free for Android, but might cost for Apple’s version of this app. Good bits were: personal pins can be added, common points (hotels, restaurants, transportation) is already marked, good performance, small download map size. Things we’d like to see improved: can’t give you directions to somewhere, and maps are in the local language only. See your app store for downloading this handy tool. One such place is here.

Contacting Us

You can reach Marna on Twitter as mwalle and by email.

You can reach Martin on Twitter as martinpacker and by email.

Or you can leave a comment below.

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