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Here are the show notes for Episode 4 “The Road To Munich”. The show is called “The Road To Munich” partly in homage to the Road To… movies and partly because we’re preparing for the 2016 IBM z Systems Technical University, 13 – 17 June, Munich, Germany.

Follow Up

Following up the Episode 3 “Topics” item on iThoughts and Mind Mapping, Martin wrote up how to make a (colour-coded) legend in iThoughts The Legend on his blog.


Our “Mainframe” topic was on a small z/OS V2.1 enhancement that few seem to be using: SMFPRMxx’s AUTHSETSMF. This new option controls whether you want to allow use of the SETSMF command, different from the SET SMF command, without tying it anymore to the specification of PROMPT. Exploiting this function is as easy as adding AUTSETSMF to your SMFPRMxx for the next IPL!


Our “Performance” item was a discussion on another of Martin’s “2016 Conference Season” presentations: “He Picks On CICS”.

We’ll publish a link to the slides when they hit Slideshare, probably after the 2016
IBM z Systems Technical University, 13 – 17 June, Munich, Germany


Under “Topics” we discussed Uncharted 4.
The Wikipedia entry is here.

On The Blog

Martin posted to his blog, in addition to the previously-mentioned item:

Contacting Us

You can reach Marna on Twitter as mwalle and by email.

You can reach Martin on Twitter as martinpacker and by email.

Or you can leave a comment below.

And we hope to have a poster session in Munich.
Join us then or come and stop us any time you like that week.

4 comments on"Episode 4 “The Road to Munich”"

  1. Vernon Mascall June 08, 2016

    Look here Martin, I live in Milton Keynes and I’d like to know what could be more exotic than concrete cows ?

  2. Andre Zanelatto November 21, 2016

    Typo? The text shows (AUTHSET)SMS multiple times instead of SMF.

    • You bet that was a bad typo! Sorry about that. I’ve updated the notes to correctly read with SMF.

  3. Andre Zanelatto November 21, 2016

    Awesome podcast , just found about it, and loving it!

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