Ozzy Osborne demonstrates how the throwback text adventure game GameOn! illustrates the use of a host of core and secondary microservices.

In this video:

From Devoxx 2017 and with a bow to the old world of text adventuring, Ozzy demonstrates a new game that teaches you how use a slew of microservices, including Auth, Webapp, Player, Mediator, Map, Sweep, Proxy/Gateway, and many others.

GameOn! users start by creating a simple room, the building block of any adventure game. With the tutorials available at the GameOn! website, a user can create in text a simple room in any one of various languages in just a few minutes. For example, here is The First Room:

Users negotiate their movements throughout the game through various commands, some of which may sound familiar to those old enough to remember the text adventures of Back in the Day.

  • /exits
    List room exits
  • /examine
    Examine an item. Implementations will vary: this may be similar to look, or may not work at all
  • /go
    Exit the room using the specified door, e.g. /go N
  • /look
    Describe a room or an item. Implementations will vary

For a chance to put these and other commands to use–and at the same time learn what all this has to do with microservices–visit the GameOn! website.

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Devoxx US 2017

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