In this video discussion from Devoxx 2017, Benjamin and Nitesh describe their workshop and how it provides attendees with a extensive coding opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Blockchain in the Bluemix cloud.

In this video:

Benjamin Fuentes and Nitesh Thakrar discuss their three-hour “Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric™ in the Cloud” workshop, presented at Devoxx 2017. In this video, they first describe the workshop, which includes a presentation on Blockchain and reasons for using Hyperledger Fabric™. They point out that the workshop also includes a demo of a use case that explains the Hyperledger Fabric™ architecture and the code behind the demo.

Most of the workshop, however, is spent on a hands-on coding exercise where the attendees build a Blockchain application in the Bluemix cloud with the goal of updating a smart contract.

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