In this video, part 2 of a series, learn how to build smart contracts with multiple participants using Hyperledger Composer. The links to both tutorials in this series are included.

This video is the second part of a two-part tutorial series on using Hyperledger Composer to build a Business Network Archive (BNA) file, deploy it, and then use Composer to define your smart contract.

The first tutorial in the series is all about the building and deploying of the BNA and includes beginning instruction on such tasks as installing the Composer development tools, starting the Linux Foundation® Hyperledger® Fabric™, generating the BNA, and using Composer Playground to deploy the BNA, as well as an alternative local deployment approach. You can find that tutorial here.

The second tutorial introduces more complexity by using Composer to define your smart contract. You will learn how to add multiple participants and add access control to your blockchain application by creating an interactive, distributed, product auction demo network that automatically transfers assets to the highest bidder and regulates different levels of access permissions depending on access control lists (ACL). You can find that tutorial here.

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