Walk through a simple definition of the components and power that blockchain technology brings to a transaction network.

This three-minute scenario will acquaint you with the concepts that make blockchain technology a reality, including Smart Contracts, consensus, regulator, distributed ledger, verification, and validation. The demonstration, using the car leasing process, will show you the difference between an integrated physical supply chain and fragmented supporting information systems, the very problem blockchain can solve.

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Videos by topic: Blockchain

Videos by topic: Blockchain

Learn how blockchain will fundamentally change the way we do business then let us help you give it a try.

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4 comments on"IBM Blockchain car lease demo"

  1. […] you're not familiar with what blockchain can do, take a look at the IBM Blockchain car lease demo. The demo walks through the lifecycle of a car from its inception through to disposal […]

  2. The video is not showing. We are still in the early days. The practical applications of this blockchain technology will continue to develop and mature.

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