In the IBM Swift Sandbox, you can experiment with the programming language and share your trials with your peers.

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John Ponzo (IBM Fellow, CTO Mobile) talks about Swift being released as an open source project. IBM had focused on Mobile applications and seeing the the benefits of it.

Since September, Swift has become the number 1 language in terms of GitHub projects. John Ponzo discusses the precedents for using the same language at both the client and server side. He says IBM has been focusing on what it will take to “take Swift to the cloud.”

John Ponzo notes the developerWorks Swift @ IBM site is the focal point for all of IBM’s Swift activities and developer Tools.

John Ponzo describes the IBM Swift Sandbox as the place to experiment with Swift on the server and share experiments with peers. He says in the two months it’s been open, the Sandbox has had over half a million code runs and there are over 200,000 developers who are registered with the sandbox.

John Ponzo discusses some of the web server framework challenges their team discovered and announced IBM’s release of the Kitura a modular, package-based web framework written in Swift for Linux and OSX, which will enable developers to deploy their code directly to the cloud.

John Ponzo also covers IBM’s work with to evolve Swift’s package management infrastructure and it’s targeted for Swift version 3.

John Ponzo introduces the Swift Package Catalog where users can share their Swift Packages with each other.

John Ponzo discusses the buildpacks IBM is putting together to make it easy to deploy Swift applications to Cloud Foundry.

Lastly, John Ponzo discusses the ideal developer experience, which includes working within their Xcode environment wile accessing both client-side and server-side packages, and then auto-deploying the application to a cloud environment.

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