The IBM Garage combines people, places, platform, and methodology into a creative environment that fosters innovation and rapid development on IBM Cloud. Using the IBM Cloud Garage Method, we collaborate with you to accelerate all phases of application development.

OK, shameless plug here. But one that will yield productive tools and techniques so you seasoned developers can even more rapidly develop for cloud environments.

It is no longer possible for developers to just write code if they want to realize their full career potentials. To grow and increase your skills and knowledge, you will need expert mentors to work with and comprehensive environments to work in – and IBM Garage can provide them for you.

What does the IBM Garage and IBM Cloud Garage Method bring to participants?

“What we wanted IBM to do is to be a citizen in these startup groups. When we co-locate with startups, it puts us right in the heart of our major clients and brings them access to technology and experts.”

The Garage is a global consultancy with the DNA of a startup that combines the best practices of IBM Design Thinking, Agile Development, and Lean Startup to accelerate application development and cloud innovation.

We can help you identify, design, and build the right application. Starting with your disruptive idea, you and our team will define the simplest app that will realize the idea, jointly experiment and design the application and build it on IBM Bluemix, then integrate it with your existing platform and scale out the solution.

In this video, designers, programmers, integrators, and managers discuss the possibilities when you join with the Garage. Come jam on tech tunes in your Garage with other programming superstars. Our roadies are automated.

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