February 14 in Bangalore: A day of commitment to the Code.

In this video:

  • Seema Kumar, Leader, IBM DEG, Software Developer, IBM
  • Tanmay Bakshi, Neural Network Architect
  • Nikhil Kumar, iSPIRIT
  • David Kenny, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform
  • Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM Digital Business Group
  • Atul Batra, CTO, Manthan
  • Angel Diaz, IBM VP Developer Technology & Advocacy

February 14 in Bangalore was a day of commitment to the Code – Cloud, AI, Data, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum computing, and much, much more. Attendees learned how to apply IBM’s differentiated approach to technology, gained hands-on experience, networked with technology experts, and proved their expertise by getting certified! This video, spanning more than two hours, contains the following presentations from the morning session.

00:00:00    Introduction to IBM Code Day 2018
00:04:12    Coding for India and the World – Seema Kumar, Leader, IBM DEG
00:19:00    AI in Action – Tanmay Bakshi
00:47:20    Building Platforms for a Billion People – Nikhil Kumar, iSPIRIT
01:14:19    The Journey to Cloud & building an AI Enterprise – David Kenny
01:35:20    Powering Business Models with Data & AI – Bob Lord & Atul Batra
01:52:00    The Future of Technology – Angel Diaz
02:13:20    Rewards & Recognition


India Code Day 2018

IBM Code Day: Code. Content. Community.

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