These 10 videos will let you explore such basic functions of IBM Watson Studio such as getting started, intro to notebooks, collaboration, data storage and connection, and more.
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Getting started

Create a standard project

Explore community and core functionality

Add and permission collaborators

Work with data connections

Manage object storage

Publish notebooks to GitHub

Load and analyze public data sets

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IBM Watson Studio
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4 comments on"IBM Watson Studio: The Basics"

  1. Guillaume Germain May 28, 2018

    Sorry but the links to videos do not work.
    I tried with safari on Mac

    • video embeds have been fixed. Thanks for letting us know about it.

      • Guillaume Germain June 02, 2018

        Hmm sorry for being the bad news messenger, but it still does not work
        The following kind of error msg appears:
        An error occurred, pls try later
        (playback I: XXXX)
        platform: mac 1.13.4/safari 11.1
        Debug info:
        “cpn”: “J5x_ika0UY4IcF_6”,
        “vct”: “0.000”,
        “vd”: “NaN”,
        “vpl”: “”,
        “vbu”: “”,
        “vpa”: “1”,
        “vsk”: “0”,
        “ven”: “0”,
        “vpr”: “1”,
        “vrs”: “0”,
        “vns”: “0”,
        “vec”: “null”,
        “vvol”: “1”,
        “creationTime”: 422605,
        “totalVideoFrames”: 0,
        “droppedVideoFrames”: 0,
        “corruptedVideoFrames”: 0,
        “totalFrameDelay”: 0,
        “state”: “80”,
        “debug_error”: {
        “errorCode”: “api.invalidparam”,
        “errorDetail”: “invalidVideodata.1”,
        “message”: “An error occurred. Please try again later.”,
        “messageKey”: “YTP_ERROR_GENERIC_WITHOUT_LINK”,
        “subreason”: “”
        “relative_loudness”: “NaN”,
        “user_qual”: “auto”,
        “0sz”: false,
        “op”: “”,
        “yof”: false,
        “dis”: “”,
        “gpu”: “NVIDIA_GeForce_GTX_660M_OpenGL_Engine”,
        “cgr”: true,
        “debug_playbackQuality”: “unknown”,
        “debug_date”: “Sat Jun 02 2018 09:11:37 GMT+0200 (CEST)”
        Maybe you can add a direct link to the youtube page?

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