Alaa Mahmoud, Master Inventor, IBM

Alaa Mahmoud, Master Inventor, IBM

Graphs are taking the database world by storm, thanks to accessible open source tools like Apache TinkerPop and Gremlin. IBM Master Inventor Alaa Mahmoud (@alaa_mahmoud) joins Episode 12 of The New Builders Podcast to share how his team used TinkerPop to deploy a fully fledged enterprise graph service on the cloud: IBM Graph.

Alaa discusses what separates graph databases from other NoSQL data stores (6:00), how graph databases can be used for both OLAP and OLTP systems (7:38), how graphs work with other technologies to build smarter applications (12:10), the skill sets developers should have (or be prepared to learn) when picking up a graph DB (14:30), the merits and challenges in bringing open source technology into an enterprise cloud service (16:28) and much more!

Developers can sign up for the free beta version of IBM Graph today by heading over to

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