New cloud-based Swift runtimes and services will help developers build better enterprise mobile applications.

Todd Watson reports on IBM’s Swift announcement during the general session at Interconnect 2016.

IBM unveils a preview of its cloud-based Swift runtime and Swift package catalog to help developers create enterprise mobile applications.

Apple VP Brian Croll spoke at the opening keynote, starting with his comment, “The iPhone changed software.”

IBM is the first cloud provider to enable the online development of applications in native Swift.

Today’s announcement puts a capstone on this phase of Apple and IBM’s shared journey to help enterprises advance their mobile strategy for a “mobile first” experience.

The Swift language was introduced in 2014 and is one of the fastest growing programming languages.

In just over two months since Apple open-sourced the Swift programming language and IBM unveiled its cloud-based Swift sandbox, over 100,000 developers have used to IBM Swift sandbox to explore server side Swift programming. Over 500,000 code runs have been launched in the sandbox to date.

With today’s announcement, IBM is committed to maturing the use of Swift as a server side runtime for enterprise development. IBM offers a number of resources for developers interested in Swift:

  • The Swift Sandbox
  • Bluemix for building and deploying end-to-end applications using the new open-source web server Kitura, released by IBM, on both OSX and Linux
  • Explore Swift projects and share your own on the Swift Catalog on Bluemix

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