Watch this video to see how to get started with IBM Watson by provisioning the necessary services in IBM Bluemix.

In this video, you will create a project in IBM Data Science Experience and set it up to use Watson Machine Learning. For this video, the Watson Machine Learning, Apache Spark, and object storage instances are already provisioned in IBM Bluemix.

This video shows you how to provision the IBM Bluemix services necessary to use IBM Watson Machine Learning. To use IBM Watson Machine Learning, you need to set up instances of Watson Machine Learning, Apache Spark, and object storage in your Bluemix dashboard.

  1. From the Bluemix catalog, search for “machine learning”.
  2. Select the Watson Machine Learning service.
  3. Provide a unique name for the service.
  4. Select a plan.
  5. Then click Create on the service launch page. You see links to IBM Data Science Experience where you can use Watson Machine Learning in notebooks or you can launch the dashboard. The service credentials tab shows you the credentials you’ll need to access the service programmatically.
  6. Go back to the catalog to add the other services. In the data and analytics category, you’ll find Apache Spark. And under the storage category, you’ll find object storage. Provision those services in the same way.

Now you’re ready to start using Watson Machine Learning.

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