At InterConnect 2016, IBM Fellow Donna Dillenberger discusses blockchain and its impact on various industries, including financial technology.

In this video:

At InterConnect 2016, IBM Fellow Donna Dillenberger explains how transaction networks work before and after the introduction of blockchain technology:

“Businesses and people flourish when we are not isolated, when we’re connected with our clients, suppliers, banks; we can share information, we can share assets. When we share assets using blockchain, it doesn’t take days to get the title to your car, it doesn’t take weeks to get all the documents to your house.”

In this video, Dillenberger provides a thorough walkthrough of the process of using blockchain (in this example, importers working with a local port authority), demonstrating the components of the technology. she ends the session with a side-by-side look at how the accelerators resident in z Systems hardware are a perfect match to add speed to blockchain functions.

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Videos by topic: Blockchain

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