Ronan Dalton, Solutions Architect, IBM Watson and Cloud Platforms, outlines the steps required to integrate Watson Assistant with Slack. His approach is to use Botkit so the widest range of users can take advantage of the instructions.
Watson Assistant is an enterprise artificial intelligence assistant that helps you enhance your business’s brand loyalty and transform your customer experiences by delivering proactive and personalized services while ensuring data privacy.
Slack is a cloud-based platform designed to enable team collaboration with tools and services.

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  • Ronan Dalton, Solutions Architect, IBM Watson and Cloud Platforms

5 comments on"Integrate IBM Watson Assistant with Slack using Botkit"

  1. Hi Team, I have created a sample chatbot named “Florence Chatbot” Uisng IBM Watson Assistant. Now to deploy the chatbot, I am using Slack Platform. There are few credential required to configure including the Slack App Token and Watson Workspace details. But what is missing is the Watson Assistance Workspace username and Password in the .env file. This option is NO more available on the Workspace ID Page of “Florence Chatbot” . How do I go about configuring this details in env file? Kindly assist.

    • content of .env file:

      # Set ASSISTANT_URL to correct gateway
      # US-South
      # Germany


      # if is apikey

  2. FugutiveMemories November 06, 2018

    Hello, I am not getting the username and password displayed, after I click on deploy.

    • From Ronan Dalton, who is having trouble leaving comments on the site for some reason:

      Watson AI services have enabled IAM and Resource Groups, since publishing this video. See here for more info on the change

      As a result of the change above, if you don’t see a username/password on the Watson Assistant deploy tab, copy the API Key value and use this as the ASSISTANT_IAM_APIKEY value in the simple-bot .env file. Should work just fine, essentially the IAM API Key is now used to authenticate when making API calls to Watson Assistant rather then username & password.

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