So you’re on the cutting edge of modern architecture, deploying microservices as Docker containers running in Kubernetes clusters. But how do you manage your microservices? How do you secure them? The answer is the Istio service mesh. In this video, you’ll learn the basics, whetting your appetite for more Istio mailbags to come.

First of all, you’ve been wondering when Doug will get a haircut. Answer: IN THIS VERY VIDEO. Thanks to the awesome Anne Fairchild, Doug was able to multitask and get a much-needed trim while filming another mailbag video. Even better, this week’s topic is the Istio service mesh, a powerful, elegant way to manage your microservices. And of course all of the sample code is available through a GitHub repo that lets you follow along with everything you see in the video.

Impress your friends and confound your enemies with your newfound microservice skills.

dW Mailbag
Engineer and Developer Advocate Doug Tidwell answers your questions.

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