Dan Debrunner, presenting at World of Watson, demonstrates how easy it is to analyze data and events from devices using Apache Edgent, IBM Watson IoT Platform, and the IBM Streaming Analytic Service, all running on IBM Bluemix.


In this video:

This 15-minute demo shows how running Apache Edgent analytics at the edge can easily connect to IBM Watson IoT Platform on Bluemix, and then IBM’s Bluemix Streaming Analytic Service can ingest those events from Watson IoT Platform. Once in the Streaming Analytic Service, the full capabilities of IBM Streams can be used to analyze events from thousands to millions of devices, and control devices by sending commands back to individual devices based upon analytics.


Want to try it yourself? Check out this developerWorks recipe, “Integrate IBM Streaming Analytics Service with Watson IoT Platform“, which links to 3 additional recipes to hack your own IoT solution using Apache Edgent, IBM Watson IoT Platform, and IBM Bluemix Streaming Analytic Service.

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