Java still on top in the Tiobe index, Android O Developer Preview 4 is out, and I’ll show you how to connect an Android app to a RESTful web services app running in Bluemix, on this episode of Java News and Code!

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Java Still on Top (but Falling)

According to the Tiobe index for August 2017, Java is at #1 and still has a commanding lead over all other languages. But its percentage score has fallen to about 13%, down from just over 19% a year ago.

And Java is not alone: the top 5 are all in decline from a year ago, with C at 6 1/2%, C++ at 5.6%, C# at 4.2%, and Python at 3.7%.

Scroll down on the page to see just how far ahead of the pack Java is.

From the graph you can see Java had a similar drop back in 2004 from which it rebounded strongly, so maybe this is a temporary trend. Who can say?

If you want to see how the index is put together, you can visit this page.

The Tiobe index is put together during the first week of each month.

Android O Final Preview is Out

On July 24th, Android O Developer Preview 4 was made available.

The announcement on the Android Developer’s Blog, comes one month after the announcement of Developer Preview 3, which I told you about in episode 8 of Java News and Code.

Preview 3 contained some very nice features like simplified settings, battery life optimizations, and per app notifications.

Preview 4 is the final preview before the official O release later this summer.

Preview 4 is a Release Candidate build of the Android O platform, and while it doesn’t have any new features, it contains the final system behaviors, bug fixes, and the final API (level 26).

Coming soon is also a new release of the Android Testing Support Library. The blog post says to stay tuned for more details coming soon.

And if you want to use Developer Preview 4, it’s recommended that you download Android Studio 3 Canary 1 as well, available in the Canary channel.

Code Talkthrough: Android and the Cloud

Finally, in today’s code talk through, I’d like to show you a recipe for building a RESTful web service application, deploying it to the Bluemix cloud as a Cloud Foundry application, and building an Android app to communicate with it.

The code I’ll show you is available in GitHub, and is from a recipe I wrote for IBM developerWorks called Android and the Cloud.

To follow along with the video, you will need a Bluemix account, JDK 8, Eclipse, WebSphere Liberty, and Android studio installed on your computer.

You will need three projects from GitHub also:

In today’s show, I’m just going to show you the high level steps.  The recipe walks you through it step-by-step if you’re interested in reproducing this yourself, which I hope you are.



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