IBM Blockchain Operating Director John Wolpert shares a few thoughts on the history and the future of blockchain technology.

In this video:

John Wolpert
Join IBM Blockchain Operating Director John Wolpert as he shares a few thoughts about blockchain technology at the Block Chain Conference in San Francisco.

On the value of fringe thinking to mainstream innovation:

“Would we be here without bitcoin? Or Ethereum, or all these existing fabrics that are out there? No way! Sometimes, something on the fringe gets those of us doing mainstream stuff thinking about a new pattern.”

On adopting new ideas for existing technologies:

“It [blockchain] feels a lot to me like the days of Java when Java wasn’t an IBM thing but we saw how important it was and we got behind it.”

On what makes up the technology universe we all inhabit today:

“Open data, open source, open innovation, open Net: That’s really the world we’re living in.”

Wolpert also explains the difference between open innovation and open source: Before you can have open source, you need to become comfortable with the idea of working closely with people who don’t work for your company.

“We, IBM, opened up our source code for our research projects [with alphaWorks], five or six billion dollars of research a year, we opened up much of that code for anybody to use, anybody to try, and what we got for that was so much more valuable than the code.”

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