Dive into top-level guidance on incorporating mobile application development into legacy IT environments and current deployment processes.

Leigh Williamson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Cloud Advisor. He and his team have published a new book called Enterprise Class Mobile Application Development and will be hosting a book signing launch event at IBM Interconnect 2016.

In this episode of This Week On developerWorks, Leigh discusses the motivations for book. He says that the companies he consults with kept asking him for guidance on incorporating mobile application development into their legacy IT environments and into their current deployment processes. Not finding any mobile application development books suitable for large enterprises, Leigh put together a team of people at IBM to create such a book.

Calvin and Leigh discuss the section of the book that talks about “ruggedization” of an application before it is sent to an app store. The guidance in that section of the book applies to all developers in both large and small enterprises.

Leigh Williamson then discusses the specific guidance in the book to address the challenges that large enterprises face. He notes that virtually every app that a large enterprise develops is going to connect to a legacy system which is well within the company intranet. So managing the connection and security issues associated with that are a big focus area. Likewise, there are corporate cultural issues that have to be overcome and often there are deployment policies and standards that have to be factored into the development process as well.

Leigh Williamson
Leigh talks about his upcoming book signing event at IBM Interconnect 2016 which will be:

IBM Interconnect Book Store
Monday, February 22, 4pm PST
Mandalay Bay South
Level 1, Bayside Foyer

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