Watch a demo of a developerWorks recipe that helps you learn how to use Skyhook’s Precision Location system to locate any WiFi-enabled IoT device that is connected to the IBM Watson IoT Platform.


In this video:

Skyhook Wireless demonstrates each step in their recipe, “Skyhook Precision Location for IoT.” (Download the Skyhook Precision Location Embedded Client Development Kit and get started with Skyhook Precision Location for yourself today.)

In the following video, you can see a real-world application of using Skyhook Precision Location System along with Watson IoT Platform to keep track of assets that are on the move:

To understand the broader context of location data in IoT solutions, and how Watson IoT Platform and Skyhook solutions can be used to track all the things, read this blog post, “Where’s my stuff? How location and IoT play well together.” Also, you can register for the Webinar, “Where’s my asset?,” to learn how to track high-value assets using indoor location, geofencing, and asset management for equipment.

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