Lorna Mitchell explains when to use serverless, how to start, how to write and deploy code, plus a demo on teaching the Amazon Echo a skill.

In this video:

IBM Developer Advocate Lorna Mitchell discusses serverless and the noOps movement and how they are more than buzzwords because these technologies can solve problems that are slowing your development efforts down. She starts the presentation by revealing a huge, scandalous secret:

“The big secret is … there ARE servers!”

Lorna says the name, “serverless,” is possibly the silliest name except for “noOps,” which is in reality the “best Ops you’ve ever seen, just done by someone who’s thought about this a lot more than you have.”

In this session, she will cover when to use a this approach and answer your questions about how to get started with it. Lorna will show you how to write code for these platforms and how to safely and repeatedly deploy your code, plus she’ll show you how to use this technology to build a skill for the Amazon Echo.

Lorna will be doing talks in various cities around Europe during the last four months of the year.

In July, the first JeffConf was held in London to discuss serverless solutions. This community run, developer event, was co-organised by IBM Developer Advocate James Thomas with Paul Johnston, CTO at Movivo, and Ant Stanley, Serverless London. It showcased a wide range of speakers from James Governor (Redmonk), Jessica Rose (Trans*Code), and Adam Clark (Comic Relief).

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